Monday, February 17, 2014


Some Thing Old , Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue
I have to tell you that I have been in the wedding industry for a few years now........ And I got this Wrong. So it is a saying that many brides live by. " Something old, Something New Something Borrowed and Something blue". Now if you have read any of my past post I know that I am guilty of the broken record syndrome (get it ... I am a DJ). Ok they cant all be good. Moving on, Weddings are ALL about tradition  and this my friends is no exception. 

According to Wikipedia  the origin can be traced back to an English rhyme in 1898. 
So broke down to modern times. What does it mean. It is all symbolic:
Something Old - Represents the old life that the bride is leaving behind 
Something New - Represents the new life that the bride and groom will enter into. 
Something Borrowed - Represents the many happy years the couple will have.(should be from some one                   who is happily married and has been for a while.) 
Something Blue - Represents  purity 

There it is....... or is it? Did you know that there was a last part to this poem that many people have never heard???
The last line of this rhyme is : And a Sixpence in your shoe. - represents good luck (usualy a gift from the man of the house .....DAD) 
Congratulations on your engagement. 
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Give Mom a Break..... After All It is Your Wedding Day!!!


The planning is done, the wedding day is here. The brides maids start to arrive and family is starting to pour in from all corners of the world. While the bride is doing her best to relax and enjoy the celebration of love that is about to unfold, Mom is nowhere to be found. So many times the responsibility of making sure that the caterers are set, the band knows where to set up, the tables are set up,  the candles are lit, and so on. 
While it may not always be mom who takes on the responsibility, it almost always falls upon a close member of the family. 
There is however an option that can make this a thing of the past and gives you many of the advantages of having a seasoned wedding professional at your side.

Just as the title says, it is hiring a wedding planner for the day of your wedding. Up till now the idea of a wedding planner just didn't fit into the budget of many couples who would rather do the ground work their selves and spend some of that budget on other things. Having a seasoned professional help you on your wedding day assures the bride and groom that things will be done with experience which is why so many couples go with planners from the beginning. 
This is a service that most brides don't even know that is available to them. 

I was recently talking with Ester Gonzalez at a wedding, where she brought the importance of this service to brides.  Something that I didn't even know existed. Ester is the proprietor and expert wedding coordinator of A Sense of Bride in Abilene Texas.  She is our go to lady for all things wedding. "The average person will only plan a wedding twice in their life. What I do when we are hired for the day of is sit down with the bride and groom. We go over the over all direction that they want  their wedding to go. I contact the vendors, that they have set up, and make sure that every last detail, down to who lights the candles, is addressed. Many times at these meetings brides are amazed at all of the details they missed while planning their big day. When the day of their wedding arrives I make sure that both their reception and ceremony go smoothly. This also allows them the opportunity to rent our linens and decorations. Which if they choose to take advantage of we set up for them and design them to their liking. Over all this service allows the brides to know that their wedding is in the hands of a professional for a fraction of what it cost to hire a professional to help you plan your whole event."

After talking with a couple of other wedding coordinators I realized that this is something that many of the professionals in the business are offering.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ask the Expert - - - Wedding Videos A DEFINITE MUST!!!

Ask the Expert  - Wedding videos 

Our Wedding Expert Today is Corey Colwell
With 3c Media
325) 701-4182

I have had the pleasure to work with 3c media several times. Working with these guys, you know why they are a must on our Ask the Expert blog. 

Corey shared the following article with us. 

Wedding Memories Don't Have to Fade With Time, Thanks to Affordable Videography

By Rolando J. Guajardo, Imagine Videos

It wasn't long ago that documenting our daily lives, vacations, and celebrations were restricted to only the rich and famous. We've all seen the footage of young John F. Kennedy Jr. splashing around on the beach at Martha's Vineyard, as well as the emotional footage of him saluting his dad one last time. Our lives are a long twine of memories and emotions that are sometimes difficult to recall, no matter how profound they are. Lucky for us, that's all changed.
Gone are the days of royalty video. Camcorders are a dime-a-dozen, not to mention video recording via your cell phone. We can now post a five-minute clip of our cat, Fluffy, drinking milk on YouTube. Like Fluffy, there are other moments in our lives worth filming - your wedding day for starters.
Having a professionally produced wedding video is one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding day. You will be tempted to have a friend or relative film your day; don't do it. You will be tempted to film only the ceremony, but not the reception; don't do it. You will be tempted to hire your videographer to shoot everything, but not edit it; don't do it. Don't look at it as a cost, but an investment. It truly is. As every passing year goes by, it will continue to grow in value. It will continue to pay off as you share it with the ones you love, your future children, grandchildren, and people you haven't even met yet. How can you put a price on that? There really is no better way to relive the day than through video. It's as close as you can get to time travel in your lifetime. Revisit your day, your relatives, your beauty, your youth, and your memories - just press play.
But don't take my word for it. Many surveys have concluded brides that get a video value it more after their wedding day. The ones that didn't get a video or had a relative film it were kicking themselves. Why is this? Planning a wedding is a magical time, but somehow video doesn't fit into the picture of a "perfect day." Not only is video relatively a new medium, but in some ways, it's an intangible element of the wedding. As you enjoy the festivities, your videographer will capture all the sights, sounds, and moments as they unfold behind the camera's eye. On your wedding day, you won't really concern yourself with all the angles and shots your videographer is getting, but you'll be glad they did.
Video can be a very tangible part of the wedding day if you choose to do so. Anything from a photo montage to a love story can be produced prior to the wedding day and shown to entertain your guests. For a truly spectacular stunt, a "Same Day Edit" may be for you. This is where your videographer produces a brief highlight of your wedding day and shows it before the end of the reception. Your guests will be falling out of their seats and talking about the wedding for months.
Once all the festivities have come and gone, your videographer will weave your footage of your wedding day into an emotional masterpiece. You can have your video pieced together like a storybook fairytale, a chic avant-garde piece, an Oscar-worthy movie, or a humble documentary. It's important that you communicate your vision and style to your videographer during your consultation. The more information he or she knows about you, your style, and your desires, the more personalized your video will be.
All videographers are not created equal, so here are some tips when choosing a professional videographer. It may seem obvious, but you must trust this person. They are hired to deliver a critical service and you are depending on them to be reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. They will have to make many split-second decisions during the filming of your day, so this is where it pays to have an experienced professional behind the camera.
When meeting with videographers, get an idea of their style and approach to wedding videography. Specifically, you want to match yourself with videographers that create videos that are comparable to your style. Many videographers have online video samples that you can view to help you evaluate the style of their work, so do a little homework before you start making appointments.
Just as your flowers, cake, and dress are a reflection of you, so is your videographer. Along with filming your day, your videographer will have to interact with your guests, family, church, and other vendors. The last thing you want is your guests talking about your wedding and the obnoxious videographer. You will want someone who is polite, personable, and respectful to your guests.
Another thing to keep in mind is there is no one credential or accreditation that makes one a "Professional Videographer." Ask your videographer if they are involved in any local or national videography associations such as the "Houston Professional Videographers Association" (HPVA), the "Wedding & Event Videographers Association" (WEVA), or "The 4Ever Group." Do they have any technical training, a media degree, or broadcast training or experience? If you want your video up to date, then you need to work with videographers that have experience in their craft and continue to educate themselves within this ever-changing industry.
And one final tip is to meet your videographer. It is a practice of some video companies, both large and small, to double or triple book a day. They will either be scrambling to the next event or sending a different head videographer. You don't want a tired videographer or a stranger showing up at your wedding, or worse, a late videographer! Find out who’s going to be at your wedding or if they even take multi-bookings before you sign anything.
At the end of the day, filming your wedding day can be a rewarding experience when done right with a video professional. Don't compromise quality for savings and do realize that it is an investment for the future. Thanks to the wonderful advances in technology, you no longer have to be rich and famous to take advantage of professionally documenting your day. Wedding memories are a reflection of our lives, family and culture. These memories don't have to fade with time. It's up to you to preserve your cherished memories now to enjoy later. You’ll be glad you did 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wedding traditions explined. Why do brides wear veils.

Like so many wedding traditions the wedding veil is one that has it origins in ancient rome.  Where brides wore veils down the Isle to hide from evil spirits that were envious of the brides happiness. So as you are choosing a wedding dress, and deciding veil or no veil? Remember the Romans recommend it to ward off evil spitits.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The death of the guestbook!!!

Weddings are filled with tradition. Up till now there hasn't been many options for the guest to register  their attendance at the event. Over the last couple of years there have been strides and what is available for the bride and groom to document the guests attendance. The photo booth has been growing in popularity   as entertainment for guests. One of the ways Photo Booths have made weddings better is by being able to take pictures of your guests in a candid environment. Memory books are offered by many photo booth companies . These memory books have replaced the sign in book at many weddings. Not only is it an option that makes weddings fun but also gives the bride and groom something to look at and remember for years to come. So if it is within your budget to hire a photo booth I would recommend it completely. They add fun and a bit of silliness to the wedding.

Monday, January 6, 2014



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Is he on one knee. Super exited, nervous, relieved, who to call first? Is this really happening? Did I speak?  All thoughts that were probably going through your head as your groom popped the big question. Now it is time to plan it doesn't matter what your budget is, where you do it, the number of guest, the colors, or any of the details at the end of this road is only one happy outcome YOU WILL BE MARRIED.  Congratulations to all of the new brides this year. Remember to read our blog so you can be informed about many topics that will hopefully make your life easier in the planning of your big day. 

Monday, November 25, 2013



So many times it seems that brides skip the formal wedding because of a fear of being their selves. 
I have noticed that in the bridal word there is a deep want to make every wedding unique. To step away from the cookie cutter version of weddings. I fear that brides are afraid to express their personalities because of the fear of being to bold. 
Do it 
Be a trend setter. 
Maybe it is with your dress or with your decorations. Show people your individuality. If there is one time in history when i think that you could get away with any thing remember now is that time.